The EIS awareness campaign has started!

The EIS awareness campaign has started!

The Exploration Information System project has multiple challenges that it aims to tackle to support the twin digital and green transition. Among the three objectives of this Horizon Europe project, two are linked to finding new Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) resources and reducing the ecological footprint of its related activities, such as mineral exploration.

However, the third objective is focused on raising awareness. The need for fostering awareness about CRMs is a critical one. The general public acceptance of the role of raw materials in the transition to the Green and Digital Economy of EU is as important as acquiring them.

Resources in the EU?

As CRMs are a must-have for a green future and modern technologies, the European Union will need to diversify its supply chain. Nowadays, most CRM resources are mined abroad, and then bought and brought to the European economy.

However, many EU countries have these resources underground. As the supply of CRMs become increasingly limited, mineral exploration in Europe will be, undoubtfully, a key factor in achieving climate goals.

If we are serious about our climate goals and maintaining our standards of life, then we will need to have a serious look at the potential of mineral exploration and mining in the EU.
It is for this reason that EIS is aiming to foster awareness of CRMs in Europe. By making people understand the benefits of mineral exploration in the EU through our awareness campaign, and so reducing reluctance to mining, we hope to increase the chances of reaching our climate goals in time.

The EIS awareness campaign will be composed of multiple key messages published over one year, made with the participation of experts in the mining industries and geoscientists. The first key message has been published in October.

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