3rd Progress Meeting: Paving the Way for Developing Innovative Exploration Tools

Aracena, Spain, October 17-19, 2023 – The EIS (Exploration Information System)project’s 3rd Progress Meeting, took place in the picturesque town of Aracena, Spain and marked a significant milestone in its mission to develop novel geomodels and efficient spatial data analysis tools for mineral exploration.

Day 1: A Warm Welcome and Productive Workshops

The progress meeting began in the early morning of the 17th of October. During the morning sessions, participants were divided into different workshops. These workshops focused on many  discussions among partners about their roles in the project. The EIS toolbox workshop was a main highlight – as it represents the main outcome of the project and it was presented by Beak Consultants.

The exchange between the partners in charge of the development and testing of the EIS toolbox led to some fruitful discussions on how the tool can be improved and how to use it.

In the afternoon, the event featured a business model workshop and a stakeholder engagement content workshop, led by LGI, offering invaluable insights on how the EIS tool can evolve after the end of the project. The day concluded with a General Assembly and Management Committee meetings.

Day 2: Consortium Progress Meeting

The second day focused on the past 12 months activities of the project. In the morning session, presentations featured project’s coordination, mineral systems, and innovative digital exploration tools. In the afternoon, participants delved into test case studies, stakeholder engagement, dissemination, and communication strategies, and were followed by feedback from the Advisory Board. Feebacks were positive about the progress made on the EIS tool and they provided important insights on stakeholders’ needs and the potential risks to take into account.

The day concluded with informative presentations by Joshua Coyan from USGS , the CEOs of Atalaya Mining, Matsa/Sandfire and Cobre Las Cruces and by Isabel Diaz from CSIC, followed by some closing remarks from the EIS coordinator, Vesa Nykänen from GTK.

The initially planned visit to Aracena’s Castle at the end of the second day got cancelled, due to poor weather conditions.

Day 3: Exploring Mining Sites

On the third day, participants embarked on field trips to MATSA/Sandfire and Atalaya Mining sites. These excursions offered a firsthand look at CRM exploration and mining in the region, reminding the consortium of the future impact of the research conducted under the EIS project.

The 3rd Progress Meeting underscored the dedication and motivation of the EIS project team in advancing CRM exploration and championing sustainability within mineral supply chains.

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