the eis tool

The main objective of the EIS project is to develop innovative exploration concepts and data analysis tools to enhance the probability of finding new sources of critical raw materials for the EU’s economy.

With the emerging exploration data, the need for efficient data analysis has become essential.

EIS consortium will join forces to implement an Exploration Information System (the EIS tool) to assist exploration teams in their decision-making throughout the various stages and across the different scales of an exploration project.

Why is the EIS tool important?

It facilitates finding new targets for mineral exploration of CRMs
It enables making analysis results more consistent
It makes mineral predictive mapping openly accessible to the mining sector

Our methodology

In the preprocessing step, data is transformed to represent proxies for critical parameters of the mineral systems.

Pre-processed data is used as input for predictive modelling or other data analysis methods.

Model validation will test the performance of prospectivity mapping.

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